DHA KIDS Omega 3 – Chewable lemon flavoured tablets (90 pearls)


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Rich source of long-chain O-3 epa+dha, recommended for a nutritionally balanced diet in adults and children who are not getting enough O-6/O-3. O-3 fatty acids help improve cardiovascular functions, lower triglyceride levels and they also have anti-inflammatory properties. During pregnancy and lactation they are used for foetal and neonatal development and they have been linked to preventing preeclampsia and preterm delivery. In children, DHA has been related to neural development and visual acuity. These fatty acids also help protect the central nervous system and vision in adults.

INGREDIENTS: Wild pelagic fish oil (50% DHA, 10% EPA)

Children over 3 years: take 1-3 pearls a day before meals.

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