Eye Contour Cold Anti-Fatigue Serum – BRONTE FOR MEN, 15 ml


Eye Bags & Dark Circles reducer – The first Cold Anti-Fatigue Serum for Men that instantly reactive light to erase dark circles and relax the eye contour of the face and areas where more marked fatigue, at any time of the day. This serum contains a cocktail of ingredients that attached to the container roll-on effect of cold to get a result derma-relaxing.

Results: Instantly, you get a fresh look and hydrated areas under light tension and relax. Day after day, the contour of the eye shows less fatigue. Even more pronounced dark circles are attenuated. The features are smoothed: the whole face visibly full of energy.

Anti-fatigue Action 2 in 1. It combats signs of fatigue localized. Action anti dark circles and eye bags. This cocktail is a pure anti-fatigue of ginseng and caffeine. It refreshes and clears eye bags and dark circles to raise your eyes.

The cold steel applicator allows massage to de-stress and relax tired localized areas: it combats micro-tensions in temples, forehead and eye area and recharge your energy.

100% Natural

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