CASPIAN Body Firming Cream with Caviar Extracts, 200 ml


A firming cream that regenerates the epithelial and dermal tissues with such an active concentration of its revolutionary formulation, that it has become indispensable in all of the Caspian Sculptor line treatments.

Its exceptionally high content in caviar oleate extract (30%), that contributes the phospholipids necessary for the repair and rejuvenation of fibroblasts, helps reconstruct the cell membrane.

It is a biocosmetic firming substance, mainly through hydroxiproline that acts synergically with organic silicon.

It is an anti-stretch lines cream that regenerates the connective tissue thanks to a combination of 100% natural and highly concentrated essential oils, which promote cutaneous elasticity thanks to Incense and Myrrh (Commiphora Myrrha).

The liposomated contribution of Coenzyme Q10 helps this Firming Cream increase energy and stimulate the immunological system, by enabling its diffusion over the epidermis in a controlled and continuous manner.

A skin smoother and tonified thanks to the synergy of its essential oils Ocimun Basilicum and Origanum Majorana Leaf that stimulate micro-circulation and oxygenate the tissues.

As it is also a nutritive cream, it supplies softness and freshness that are visible from the very first application and that are a result of the concentration of essential oils Geranium Rovertianum and Hypericum Perforatum, two remakable skin reconstructors.

100% Natural

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Innovation in treatment with Caviar, its high Caviar concentration makes it the most effective in the market.

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